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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can You make bookings?

All bookings must be made in advance.

The easiest way to book Your airport taxi is to call us or send SMS to our phone.
You can also use our secure online booking form.

2. Why is it better to book a airport taxi than a regular taxi?

Belgrade Airport Cab offers transfer under fixed rates and the price doesn’t depend on traffic conditions or traffic jam, so price is cheaper then regular taxi.

3. Do the quoted fare prices refer to per person or per vehicle?

Prices are per vehicle and not per person, and the type of vehicle is determined by the number of passengers.

4. What type of vehicle can I choose?

Sedan – 4 passengers maximum

Minivan – 8 passengers maximum

5. How can you pay for the service?

Payment is made directly to the chauffeur.You can pay by cash or the following credit cards (Credit Card Charge €5).

Credit Cards

6. Does price include a tip?

No. Giving a tip is discretionary and completely up to you.

7. If I need a receipt for my journey, when do I get a receipt?

You will receive a receipt from Your chauffeur after you make Your payment.

8. How to find my driver?

Your driver will come to pick you up at your desired destination as previously agreed.

If You are staying at hotel, Your driver will call for You at hotel reception so please wait near reception desk.

9. Where do You meet our driver when the flight lands at the airport?

Your driver will wait for You at airport information desk with Your name board.

10. What if I cannot locate my driver?

That never happens but if by any chance does happen, please call us at +38163341958 (00:00 – 24:00) and our experienced staff will help You.

11. What happens if my flight is delayed?

We do not charge for flight delays, and we are monitoring your flight landing time.
The driver will wait for You at the new time.

12. Can I order extra waiting time at airport?

Yes, but be specific.If you need some time for shopping ,for example, please write that in comment field.

13. Are there any extra costs if driver is waiting when traveling to airport?

First 8 minutes the driver spends waiting are free, every additional 10 minutes are charged 5 €.
You can also request an extra waiting time at the time of your booking.

14. Is smoking allowed in the taxi during the transfer?

No, smoking is not allowed.

15. Can I carry pets in the transfer vehicle?

You can carry pets only if they are properly placed in travel boxes and put in the luggage department of the vehicle.
Additional costs for this service are 15 €.

16. Can I change my booking?

If You want to change Your booking, please inform us by sending us e-mail message or call us at: +38163341958.

For bookings between 06:00 and 22:00 – minimum 2 hours before pick-up.
For bookings between 22:00 and 6:00 – minimum 8 hours in advance.

17. Can I cancel my booking?

If You want to cancel Your booking, please inform us by sending us e-mail message or call us at: +38163341958.

Minimum 6 hours before pick-up.If You do not cancel on time we have to charge You full price.